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Among all programing languages, C++ is one of the most efficient programming languages that allows the user to run the same program on different operating systems. It is widely used for scripting different data management software, including optimization and development of 3d games.

Having an object oriented programming feature, it allows code reusability, limiting errors through the program writing cycle. Running on both large and low scale of data, it is highly scalable, helping you deal with more real life problems.

But the sad truth is, knowing the right C++ developers to carry out a project that requires a C++ knowledge is a laborious task to engage in, and secondly, entrusting your project to an unqualified team is just too risky and can make you lose a lot of money.

Trying to avoid such blunder which impact is always heavy on the business is the point where we come in. We can outsource for you topnotch team of c++ developers with whom you can entrust your project regardless of how complex it is.

They are specialists and keen in writing scripts for enterprise applications, games, graphics, statistical software, and many others, employing C++ programming language. Fairly equipped with both advance hard and soft skills required in the I.T industry, there is no limit to what they can achieve with C++ programming. They are able to empower your business to succeed with state of the art technologies.


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Senior back-end and front-end developers currently working for clients in Western Europe


Our developers work remotely and are distributed in major tech hubs in Ukraine


Mirko Riedel

CEO, Founder


Marina Krupska

Director Riedel.lu LLC


Eugene Furtat

CTO, Global Tech Lead


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HR Manager


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Sales Europe


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Team Leader PM

How it works

Step 1: Tell us your needs

You tell us how many programmers you need with which skills, and we cover all needs of your company, from front-end, back-end, database development to apps. We support you with one programmer, or a team of ten people, according to your needs.

Step 2: Get your developer

In just one week we will introduce you to software developers that will perfectly meet your company's needs. You get to know them through a video call, ask them directly whatever question you have and then decide. These developer(s) work exclusively for you, but are employed by our company. All you have to do is sign a digital agreement with our German company.

Step 3: Start working

And already you start working productively with your developer. All our developers have senior levels with at least 5 years of experience. They speak English. The contractual administration and payment is done by invoice via our German company. You don't have to worry about anything but the pure project work. And your programmer will be coached by an experienced technical manager.

Prices & Benefits

Personal Developer

140 hours: You will have a full-time software developer only for your company, who works full-time remotely for not less than 140 hours a month. The time is tracked and controllable for you.

Save 50

Save 50%: We charge 50% below the price an average freelancer charges, making us the best even in terms affordability.


Flexibility: Flexibility is greatly considered in every of our contracts; and so far so good, this enables your developer to adjust swiftly to possible changes and deliver optimal value.

Lean Price

Lean price: No worries about additional costs like social insurance or income tax. The lean price is your price.


All included: Holidays or periods of illness of your programmers are covered by us and included in the price.


Reliability: When a developer drops out, we provide a quick replacement at no extra cost. This way, the project doesn’t come to a halt. Neither is the working speed affected.

Eugene Furtat


“As CTO, I assure you that the programmers and teams we employ are excellent.”

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