About us

We help companies in Western Europe and North America to get experienced and highly qualified programmers. And this at very good prices, which are far below local comparative prices for freelancers and permanent programmers. We know the problem of many companies from own experience, with own startups and companies that more and more companies with more and more projects apply for too few programmers. And that at increasingly exorbitant prices. Through our company in the Ukraine and our network, which has grown over the years, we offer senior developers at affordable prices. The developers work remotely and behave like full-time employees for the companies. At the same time, booking and administration is very easy for our customers. The programmers are fully integrated into the team and work processes of our customers.

180+ Developers

Senior back-end and front-end developers currently working for clients in Western Europe


Our developers work remotely and are distributed in major tech hubs in Ukraine



Mirko Riedel

CEO, Sales Europe

Mirko is an entrepreneur, who has founded 4 successful companies, he is passionate about design, architecture and travelling. He is the founder of Riedel.lu.


Maryna Krupska

Director Riedel.lu LLC Ukraine

Marina runs the business of the Ukrainian company as its managing director. She holds a degree in Computer Systems and Marketing from Zaporozhye National University, Zaporozhye, Ukraine. She is a Business Development Professional with more than 10 years of experience. She is passionately interested in the world of social media, yoga and travel.


Eugene Furtat

CTO, Global Technical Lead

Eugene is a passionate developer and code enthusiast. He is responsible for the quality control of all developers. He is also a hobby pilot and loves airplanes.


Anna-Mari Ruseva

Human Resources Manager

Anna-Mari studied economics in Moscow,currently, she lives in Berlin, Germany. She is in charge of recruiting talented software developers for Riedel.lu. In addition, she is a passionate about photography and cooking, her cooking skills can melt the toughest developers.


Atila Demirag

Sales Europe

Atila is a passionate salesman with over 20 years of experience. It is important to him that we provide our customers with optimal support for their requirements.


Guido Szelinsky

Team leader Project Management

Guido studied history at the Humboldt University of Berlin. He speaks german, hungarian and english. Guido has 15 years of experience working with various projects. He lives in Berlin and he is interested in politics, music and sport.